Blake Gerrard Dunes ambassador

Blake Gerrard

Full name – Blake William Gerrard

Date of Birth -October  1997

Home town -Mindarie, Western Australia

1. You’ve got 1500$ each, 2 weeks off work and two of your best booging mates. Where are you going and why? I would travel to Bali and book a Villa far away from the main towns and search for secret reefies and beachies along the coast.

2. Favourite wave you’ve surfed to date? Mandurah Wedge.

3. Biggest wipeout / surfing injury? I haven’t really had many surfing injuries (yet) except for this one time i went a pointless 2ft closeout, got sucked over cracked my head open on a rock and had to go to hospital. ended up with a small cut and a mega headache for a week.

4. Favourite wave ? Why? Mandurah Wedge for sure! insane bowls and Big Pits, what more could you want! the crowds are a bit of a downer though.

5. Dream trip? who’s coming with you? South Aus with 2 close buddies of mine travelling the coast line in an RV haha.

6. favourite section to get pumped on before surfing? not really a section of a movie but, ‘Charlie Holt 2 weeks’ clip on vimeo!

7. last but not least, favourite pick up line: that’s not the only platform that’s 9 & 3/4…

rev photo by Connor Jackson, the other 2 by Bailey Richards.




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