Dunes is Located on the wave rich central coast,Berkeley Vale,New South Wales, Australia.
Creating  cutting edge wetsuits , rash shirts , chlorine resistant swimwear , footwear, clothing and surf products since 1989
Dunes ships to the Central Coast , Sydney, Newcastle,Wollongong ,Victoria, South Australia ,Tasmania,Queensland and Internationally
Dunes International providing hands on knowledge of what surfers need.
We made surveys finding out what people really wanted and it was the quality in wetsuits. In the winter Dunes made wetsuits and summer rash shirts, swimwear and clothing for the surf enthusiasts .
We produce wetsuits for men, ladies and Kids for summer and winter seasons , spring suits with long or short arms and steamers long arm and short arm available in 2mm 3.2mm or 4.3 mm thickness
Our wetsuits are created from the most durable and flexible neoprene on the planet.We have basic suits made from flat lock sticking to glued and blind stitching with liquid seal
Dunes swimwear made from Chlorine resistant fabric is designed to last the distance for competitive training and leisure swimming
Now we are recognised as a big innovator in the surf market that sells and ships globally with quality that matches all competitors for style, comfort and durability